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hysteria is only possible with an audience.

a downward spiral is only a pirouette
i'm a thief, a liar, an angel in the fire

hi, i'm sophie.

i'm the quiet one. the smart one. the one sitting in the corner reading at the party. the one that is "unique" (read: the freak). i'm super messy, disorganized, hyper and stressed out. i procrastinate all the time. i believe religion is just another expression of power. i do a thousand crunches every 3 days. exercise is my drug; i'm a workout junkie. my ipod touch is permanently attached to me. i'm a total fangirl, and proud of it. i love photography, fashion & music. i read fanfiction. some days, i feel that if i lost weight and became thin, i would become popular & gorgeous and all my problems would solve themselves. i'm different & i love it. the worst thing i could ever do with my life is live anonymously, just a face in the crowd.


what i love: reading, running, writing, my stationary bike, horseback riding, listening to music, going to concerts

music i love: all time low, our lady peace, third eye blind, green day, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, goo goo dolls, brokencyde, the cab, snow patrol, mika, lady gaga, cobra starship, bran van 3000, deadmau5, the killers, hellogoodbye, jack johnson...

books i love: his dark materials, harry potter, the life of pi, outliers, freakonomics, the bartimaeus trilogy, speak, stick figure, my family and other animals, wintergirls, a tree grows in brooklyn, an abundance of katherines, prom, where the wild things are...

bands i've seen live: our lady peace, cobra starship, all time low, mika, silver starling, d'ubervilles, pet shop boys
xo xo xo xo